We started in our driveway in New Hudson, MI on April 8, 2020 - as a family joke!  I loved feeding the squirrels, and additionally, Danny had received a request from a friend to build her something like this.  We had been talking about a way to give back to our front line and essential workers and when Danny made the first table, our daughter Elizabeth posted it on Facebook making fun of her dad, and the response was instant...everyone wanted one!   Our son Tom caught fire on the business front, Danny ordered wood,  and with his skills we were off and running....THE SQUIRREL PROJECTS was born.
Creating these tables is our way of including the community in a give back program which provides healthy, individually packaged meals, to the people who need it most right now....OUR FRONT LINE PEOPLE!  The smiles and laughs and giggles and posts and pictures and videos and support, have shown us that the world needs a sprinkle of silliness right now.  It has been a joy to watch people fall in love with these tables and this mission, and an even greater joy to be able to provide some love, caring and comfort food to our "heros".  Thanks to our community and our team for making this happen!