• I love it. It was higher quality and better made than I expected. Solid piece of work. Will last a long time. I put it in my flower bed. Easy pick up, no in-person contact. -Barbara Jackson

  • I love my squirrel table! It's really awesome! -Linda Bunn Buffmyer

  • Just picked up 3. My in-laws love theirs. Great gift! Very well built and sturdy. What a great idea and even better execution. Thank you Tom, Laurie, and Team! -Steve Everitt

  • I love my new feeder! I know my squirrels will love it!! They already have a couch and a chair, but now even a table! -Margaret Minko

  • I keep telling people how beautiful and well-made the table is! And surprisingly big, plus bowl and mounting screws too! Seriously took me 5 seconds to hang it. And I had a squirrel within like 10 mins! Truly has made my quarantine so much happier, and I'm honored to be able to help first responders. You guys rock!! -Jessica Knapik